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How do I know if I need a personal injury lawyer?
You may need a lawyer if you have been seriously injured or wronged in some way by a product, toxic substance, medical provider, business, insurance company or individual. You need a lawyer if you are being investigated or have been charged by a law enforcement agency.

How should I choose a personal injury lawyer?
Three important considerations are comfort, experience and resources. You need to be comfortable with the person you choose and feel confident that he or she will do everything possible on your behalf. Your lawyer should have experience specific to your case, and the firm must have the resources necessary to fight against a well-financed opponent.

What will it cost?
In most personal injury cases, fees are paid on a contingency arrangement. That means you pay a fee only if we win for you, whether it is by getting a favorable verdict in court, or by settling the case. Every lawyer in Illinois must tell you that you are ultimately responsible for costs, but costs are usually paid from settlement or jury awards. I have the resources to advance the costs necessary to prepare the case.

What are my chances of winning?
Every case is different, and no attorney can guarantee that your case will succeed. I rely on our clients to provide us a truthful assessment of what happened and all of the information available to them. Sometimes, I need to consult with experts to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a case. Once I have a clear understanding of the facts, I can advise you on the feasibility of recovering damages in your case.

How long will it take?
It is always my goal to obtain a just and fair resolution of your case as quickly and efficiently as possible. Some claims resolve in a matter of months, while others take a year or more. Several factors impact this timing, including your goals for the case, the slow pace of the justice system, the willingness of the opposing party to settle and cooperate during the course of litigation, and whether an appeal is necessary. In a civil case, the trial date is typically scheduled at least a year from the time the lawsuit begins to allow both sides ample time to exchange information, talk to witnesses, and prepare for trial. A case may resolve at any point during this process, or may proceed to trial in the event that a settlement is not reached. I will use my years of experience to limit delays and pursue every avenue to complete your case as quickly as possible.

Do you have cases like mine?
I welcome your questions about my experience, my successes, and my history of handling cases similar to yours.  If your case falls outside of my area of expertise, I will not hesitate to tell you and, if possible, refer you to someone who can bettter help you.

How would you approach my case?
I treat my clients as I would want to be treated. I listen to you and your concerns and strive to learn everything about your case. I’ll plan our legal strategy by putting myself in your shoes. I’ll use my resources and legal and trial experience to prepare fully to obtain the fairest settlement or jury award possible.

1305 D’Adrian Professional Park Godfrey IL 62035